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Applaws US
Applaws US
  • Welcome to Applaws

    Applaws is made with natural ingredients making it the best pet food for keeping your cats and dogs in peak condition.

  • We have $30,000 of Tuna Loins to giveaway to charities of your choice, to enter checkout our Facebook and Instagram. Competition closes: midnight Friday, 28th July 2017

  • Higher quality, fewer ingredients. It's that simple

    At Applaws we believe and trust in the goodness of food that starts with the highest quality natural ingredients.

We believe in goodness

At Applaws, we believe that making pet food matters because that’s all we do. We believe and trust in the goodness of a food that starts with the highest quality ingredients. We call it natural simplicity – nothing artificial is added or hidden, no colours, flavours or preservatives – just the reassurance of ingredients that are sourced with the highest ethical standards.


  • We promise to never use cheap and unnecessary additives to fill our dry food kibble
  • We promise to only use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet in our cans, pots and pouches
  • We promise to only use the highest quality animal protein in our dry food (which means NO feather meal)
  • We promise to only ever use the ingredients listed nothing more and nothing hidden

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